Monday, January 5, 2015

varicose veins

              Varicose eczema

A very common condition in middleaged women and elderly men with varicose veins. The skin on the lower third or half of the inner side of one or both legs has usually been for a long time congested and purplish or else pigmented with blood pigment and
scaly. Then it becomes irritable, develops vesicles and becomes eczematous. This form of eczema is usually on the inner side but may be on the outer side of the leg depending on which veins are varicose. The condition is very chronic and after it has been present for some months general sensitisation of the skin to products of pidermal break-down takes place so that if the patient then scratches his 1eg vigorously, or applies an irritating ointment, he is very likely to wake up in the morning with eczema also on his face, neck, arms or hands. Varicose eczema may also arise in the skin overlying a varicose vein in any part of the lower limb.

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