Sunday, January 4, 2015

erythema treatment



From Bazin`s disease. This is a chronic disease and affects the lower halves of the backs of the legs. It tends to recur every winter. The nodules are purple, relatively painless, and often ulcerate. These distinguishing features also apply to nodular vasculitis, except that the lesions occur at any time of the year and are red rather than purple. From erythema multiforme. In this the lesions are likely to be most, marked on the hands or arms and to be maculo-papular or vesicular. They are  not painful or tender, and there is seldom much fever. Prognosis. The disease usually lasts about three weeks and the lesions leave no scars. It seldom recurs.


Every effort  should be made to discover the cause, which should then be treated. further, a follow-up of at least, a, year should he instituted, including twice yearly chest X-rays. During the acute phase, the patient, should be put to bed and treated with aspirin or salicylates.

 Locally, calamine or lead, lotion is soothing.

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